Sunday, June 16, 2013


What did your dad do that was most influential and formative in your life?

 Becoming a father is a role shift from the normal struggles of everyday life. A father sort of defines his role in the life of a child based on his experience, intuition, and observations. As much as you would like to think every move was planned, often they are often just guessing what they think will work based on their own lives and preconceived ideas about what a father should be.

He Enjoys Being with His Kids, No Matter How Old or Young They Are

On Father’s Day we take time to show appreciation for the first, special man in our lives. He was there when we were young, organizing ice cream outings; teaching the fine art of catching a fly ball; wiping away tears; or coaching a kindergarten soccer team. As we grew older, Dad taught us to drive both a car and a golf ball and to manage our money while taking his. He encouraged us to discover the world, while always making sure there would be a home to which we could return.
So whether you’re celebrating your dad or the father of your children, here are activities to plan for the day to build a base of memories that will last a lifetime.

Be the Handyman: It’s impossible to count the things he built, assembled or repaired for you. But there are probably plenty of jobs he could now use a little help getting done around his house. You could wash the car, change the oil, mow the lawn, repair the screen, or organize his tools. Pull up a chair so that he can watch and chat with you while you get something done for him.
Invite Him to Join You in a Time-Honored Father’s Day Tradition:Inviting Dad to a barbecue is a classic way to spend the day, for good reason. It’s a great way to serve dad his favorite food while you relax together, eat, talk, eat and talk some more. There’s nothing quite like remembering past good times together while creating new memories for the future.
 I love my dad so much. Dad you are really awesome.